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Specialist survey of defective gutters

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I’ve just finished a report on a modern Listed Building with significant defects to the gutters.

defective gutters

The property inspected is within the overhang in the above image and suffers from dampness in the walls. From the investigation it turns out the gutters are behind parapet walls, and while the parapet is covered in lead, the gutters themselves are of concrete.

concrete gutters

Leaves and other debris block the gutters and although the maintenance company have taken some action I think that the down pipes have been blocked – hence the dampness in the brick peers in the first image.

What fascinates me is that this building is only 40 years old, but its been Listed by English Heritage for its architectural value. This means that repairs to rectify these issues will necessitate the involvement of the local conservation officer. He/she is likely to expect the maintenance company of this building to use materials etc. in keeping with the original construction. As a result I would anticipate repairs to the roof/ windows/ gutters amounting to a huge expense.

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