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CSSW Structural Waterproofing

All structural waterproofing services are now delivered through CSSW.LONDON which is part of Property Care Consultants Ltd.

Where property is below ground (eg. basements) its very important that a CSSW structural waterproofing specialist is involved at the design stage.

As a CSSW qualified structural waterproofing specialist I work with architects, structural engineers and others as part of a design team ensuring that basements and other structures below ground are built with suitable waterproofing. This is a requirement of BS 8102:2009 Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.

The benefit of having and independent structural waterproofing specialist involved at design stage is that a suitable design may be presented for tender, rather than appointing a specialist contractor and being locked into their specification & products. Whilst costs at design stage may be higher, in most cases these costs are more than offset by reductions in the construction phase.

I also provide similar services when construction has already started and a warrantee company (eg. NHBC, LABC, Premier Guarantee etc.) stipulate that a structural waterproofing specialist is required to give an opinion. Although this is a little late in the day I enjoy the challenge of finding creative solutions.

Property Care Consultants provide consultancy for both refurbishment and new-build projects to protect the entire structure from water ingress.

As the CSSW Structural Waterproofing specialist I have completed projects ranging from small residential homes through to the basements structures of 11 story developments. A lot of this work takes place in London, but I have carried out projects in Northamptonshire, Wales etc. Projects have used all waterproofing systems including Type A waterproof barriers, Type B water resistant concrete & Type C cavity drained systems.

Some of the better known organisations I’ve worked with on structural waterproofing include: Linden Homes, St George (Berkley Group), Dandara.

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