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Climate Resilience

In summer of 2019 the UK declared a climate emergency and became the first country in the world to bring in legislation requiring that we produce net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

This is the challenge of our generation and as built environment professionals Property Care Consultants are excited to do our part.

We have a wealth of expertise relating to building pathology, dampness in buildings, condensation, waterproofing, green roofs, blue roofs, SuDS etc. One of the most important aspects we need to consider as we pursue climate resilience in our buildings is that we only get one shot and we therefore have to get it right. With a background in buildings going wrong Property Care Consultants bring a unique perspective in property level adaptations for climate resilience and emissions reduction.

Our favourite work along these lines is running creative workshops with multi-disciplinary teams in order to harness the ideas and experiences of professionals across sectors. Why not get in touch to learn more on 01223 475624


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