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Condensation is probably the most common cause of dampness within residential buildings; but understanding humidity, temperature, water vapour and building fabrics is complex.

Property Care Consultants provide atmospheric moisture monitoring as well as in depth probes determining equilibrium relative humidity to thoroughly understand the situation.

We are then able to advise on the best holistic approach to eliminate unwanted water vapour behaviour. We advise on ventilation improvements, thermal insulation upgrades, changes to lifestyle (most often adjusting central heating settings) and more.

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Interstitial condensation

Particularly when considering upgrade of thermal insulation consideration of the behaviour of water vapour is critical. Failure to fully think through the temperature profile through the building envelope and the permeability of the relevant building materials can lead to liquid water (condensation) forming within the building envelope. This can lead to damage to the building fabric as well as mould growth.

Property Care Consultants are able to model the hygrothermal profile through the building envelope and predict the outcome for various different thermal upgrade options. Working with us reduces your risk of condensation.

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