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Property Care Consultants is a Chartered Building Consultancy.


This accreditation is perhaps the highest mark of credibility available in our industry and sets us apart from nearly all other ‘damp specialists’.

The principle consultant is Ben Hickman and who offers specialist surveys dealing with dampness in buildings, timber decay, flood resilience and structural waterproofing (through a subsidiary called CSSW.LONDON). Ben has a first class Masters in Engineering from the University of Manchester and ever since then has been involved in the property industry. He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Surveying Practice from the College of Estate Management and various industry qualifications including (CSRT and CSSW). Ben is a Chartered Construction Manager with the designation MCIOB. You can see about qualifications here.

At Property Care Consultants we believe getting an independent survey is the best first step in addressing problems relating to damp and timber. You can find out more about why at ‘choose an independent surveyor’.

As professional surveyors our approach is aimed at correct diagnosis of defects first and foremost. Once the underlying cause is identified recommending the most appropriate remedy for that specific situation is the next step.

You can find out more about Ben Hickman, below:

Ben Hickman

(MEng PDipSurveying MCIOB CSRT CSSW)

We work throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and London