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Independent Surveyor

If you have concerns about damp or timber decay there are essentially three options:

1. Get a free quote

2. Pay for a contractor’s survey

3. Pay for an independent survey

Property Care Consultants offer independent surveys and we genuinely feel that this is the way to go. Here’s why:

In general, free quotes come from either commission based surveyors or from people who aren’t qualified to provide a survey. When surveyors are commission based there is a clear impetus to specify work which may not be vital or to push a product or technique which is more profitable. When an unqualified person is providing a fee quote there is the significant risk of the underlying cause not being property identified and this can lead to unnecessary work being carried out.

I used to be a contractor who billed for surveys. As a qualified surveyor carrying out a thorough job (spending up to an hour on a standard survey) its hard to justify carrying this out free of charge. The problem is, how many contractors do you pay to get a couple of quotes and then how do you compare the differing specifications and solutions?

We offer independent surveys and have no bias toward specifying our most profitable service because we won’t carry out the work. This gives us the freedom to recommend the best solution in each situation.

Furthermore, we are a Chartered Building Consultancy with outstanding experience and qualifications.

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